Program Overview


CYO Competition Divisions & Grave Level Assignments

Based on the previous year's enrollment of 6th and 7th grade girls and boys, CYO places the SFA Junior High teams (grades 7 and 8) into either Division 1 or Division 2. Section 3-3-1 of the CYO by-laws lists grade and age limitations for all member schools.

Team composition

The final determination of each team's make up rests with the Athletic Director. This determination will be based upon the number of registered athletes the previous year, and will prioritize the oldest grade level first and work its way down the list. 

Sports Offered


Fall sports

  • Cross Country - Girls & Boys - Grades 3-8
  • Flag Football - Boys & Girls - Grades K-4
  • Football - Boys - Grades 3-8
  • Soccer - Girls - Grades 3-8
  • Club Soccer - Girls - Grades K-2
  • Volleyball - Girls - Grades 3-8

winter sports

  • Basketball - Boys & Girls - Grade 3-8

spring sports

  • Baseball - Boys - Grades 3-8
  • Softball - Girls - Grades 3-8
  • Track & Field - Girls & Boys - Grades K-8


Step 1: Register at si play

St. Francis Boosters uses Sports Illustrated Play (formerly SportsSignUp) to handle the registration process. This service offers families the following benefits:  


  • Families/Individuals register at their convenience
  • Registrants receive instant email registration confirmation
  • No need to re-enter basic information year to year

This is a safe and secure service, and your data will not be sold to a third party.   


Please note, personal checks will not be accepted.


At the time of registration, each family will be assessed a one-time Booster Membership Fee of $25. This fee will be collected only once during an athletic year (Fall registration through Spring registration).                                               

Boosters will provided an adequate registration period to the families wishing to sign a child up for CYO athletics. 


step 2: Complete Health Forms online at PRIVIT

St. Francis Boosters uses PRIVIT for health form collection. Partnering with PRIVIT provides the following benefits:

  • Reduce the workload on our staff and volunteers;
  • Improve communications across our department and with parents, students, and student-athletes;
  • Increase compliance for managing protected health information

>>PRIVIT Site<<

STEP 3: Submit your uniform deposit

Boosters ensures all teams have proper uniforms. We ask each family to submit a $100 uniform deposit per athlete. At the completion of the athletic session, when your athlete’s uniform is returned, the check will be destroyed unless otherwise specified. The check will be cashed in the event that the uniform is not returned.

Deliver / Mail your uniform deposit:

                       Eileen Klear
                       St. Francis Athletic Director
                       6850 Mayfield Road
                       Gates Mills, OH 44040